Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unlike indistinguishable alternatives available in the Tableware segment, ArecaNut offers wide range of models & special natural patterns. Unique in it's class. Curious to know more ?

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Nutware India and our offerings.

How does Nutware India claim Arecanut Tableware solutions asĀ  healthy ?

Ayurveda Therapy is an Indian traditional way of Medical Treatment. According to this science, Arecanut sheaths carry the properties of the trees fruit : Betel Nut. This nut is widely used across Asian countries to stimulate the appetite & aid digestion. So, now we can call it a Fact, than a Claim.

What are those peculiar designs on these products ?

The Arecanut sheaths have natural patterns on them. These patterns are distinct and cause no harm.

Are these products reusable?

No, due to the grooves on the top layer, it's a challenge to clean and sterilise contamination leading to formation of Bacteria & Fungus. Thus, we would recommend Arecanut Tableware products as Disposable.

Are they sturdy enough to hold an entire Supper?

Of course! Our tests confirm that our products can hold weights upto 3 Kilograms. It's not Unbelievable, try having an entire supper on One plate. We bet ya

Can they hold liquids ? If Yes, for how long ?

Ohh Yes. Our products can hold liquids for more than 40 minutes, if left outside. They can hold liquids overnight in a refrigerator.